Prof. Toth of the Workshop on Choral Conducting Gave Lectures to Tianhe Choir of the High School Attached to NWNU
Click:   Post Date:2015-04-21 16:34:00   Event Date:2015-04-21 16:34:00
        In order to carry out the spirits of “working regulations on school art education” issued by the Ministry of Education and further improve the capacities and qualities in organizing, training and conducting choir of music teachers in middle and primary schools in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, the Lanzhou Education Bureau held the Lanzhou 4th “Choral Conducting Training for Music Teachers in Primary and Middle Schools” by cooperation with the Workshop on Kodaly Pedagogy and Choral Conducting given by Prof. Toth in April 2015.
        The Tianhe Choir of the High School Attached to NWNU, as one of the four demonstration choirs in Lanzhou, attended the training activity, which provides a good opportunity to have a close contact with Professor Arpad•Toth, the expert conductor of the Kodaly Institute of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, listening to his excellent lectures and rehearsals.

        Prof. Toth helped our choir to rehearse the religious work AVE,MARIS STELLA attentively and patiently and the students cooperated very well and at the same time benefited a lot from careful learning. After training, a concert was held to present their learning results.

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